Succession planning

We have created a team of experts to help with planning and executing generational transitions in family businesses. Our mulitdisciplinary approach enables us to propose the most optimal solutions from both a legal and commercial perspective.

We design efficient strategies to distribute assets forming part of the succession estate among the heirs. We advise on reorganizing the assets allocated to heirs and on restructuring assets to ensure succession. In doing so, we advise on how best to use various legal constructions, including foreign and Polish family foundations and trusts.

You can read more about family foundations here: Family Foundation

How can we help?

  • Planning, preparing and implementing solutions to manage assets and establish mechanisms for transferring assets to designated successors;
  • Advising on the best use of Polish law instruments (e.g. wills, family foundations) and institutions from foreign jurisdictions (e.g. private foundations);
  • Preparing plans to comprehensively regulate future estate management and succession, taking account of the specificities of your family, business and property;
  • Advising on operating within complex capital structures involving foreign entities, investment funds, etc.;
  • Considering different succession scenarios, including multi-stage succession or conditional succession.