Family Office

We help to administer the various elements of your property (inc. financial assets, real estate assets and companies) or business operations in various jurisdictions. 

Our primary aim is to provide you with peace of mind, by providing comprehensive services to help manage your assets. Our full range of services includes everything from simple administration to providing strategic advice and transaction handling. Our individual and collective approach will provide you with complete peace of mind. 

Our one-stop-shop solution provides you with comprehensive support for family foundations, including: 

  • Structuring and registration – Analysis of objectives and goals; 
  • Management – Corporate Management Services 
  • Administration – Corporate Administration Services 
  • Tax planning 
  • Private and corporate banking – Transactional Advice 

Additional services – a virtual office, correspondence management, private banking products in collaboration with leading global banks. For more details, visit the Family foundation website. 

SSW Family Office maintains a detailed assets register and monitors any asset-related developments. We compile reports that are tailored to your particular requirements, including: 

  • Comprehensive list of assets and asset-related developments 
  • List of investment expenses for specific projects and calculations of return rates 
  • Calculation of the market value of your asset portfolios 
  • Forecasts of cash flows within an assets portfolio 

We adjust the precise form, content and frequency of our reports to best suit your needs. Such reports provide valuable information on a range of important factors (inc. liquidity or territorial concentration) and facilitate the adoption of new investment decisions. 

How can we help?

  • Accounting services for Polish non-operating entities 
    • Maintaining corporate records;
    • Handling shareholders’ meetings;
    • Establishing or liquidating companies;
    • Registration and updates in the National Court Register.
  • Corporate secretary: day-to-day corporate services for companies 
    • Providing registered address;
    • Handling incoming correspondence;
    • Distributing correspondence to a designated address;
    • Communicating important mail on a day-to-day basis;
    • Providing fax/telephone line;
    • Establishing and maintaining a corporate email box;
    • Representing the company as a board member, proxy or attorney.
  • Additional services performed by verified entities 
    • Notary services;
    • Investment advice;
    • Due diligence services;
    • Financial audit;
    • Real estate transactions;
    • Recruitment services;
    • Image building – PR strategies;
    • Training (finance, law, tax).