Advising employers

Every employer encounters problems such as changing tax regulations, newly created legal obligations and confusing, mixed messages from the case-law of the Polish courts, especially as regards employee benefits, taxes and other deductions.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts includes tax advisors, experienced lawyers and accountants, which enables us to develop individual, practical solutions that meet the particular needs of your company.

How can we help?

Personal data protection, monitoring and employee records

  • Auditing operations from a data protection law perspective (including compliance with RODO and sector-specific legislation) (implementation and post-implementation audit);
  • Reviewing new business processes and IT solutions from the perspective of compliance with data protection legislation;
  • Preparing and reviewing internal documentation on personal data processing, including privacy policies;
  • Advising on online data processing (e-commerce, cookies, login platforms, cloud);
  • Advising on various aspects of personal data security, including data breach, securing data outsourcing from contract negotiation to information security issues;
  • Conducting training on data protection (e.g. data protection in employment, data protection in public procurement, data protection in IT, data protection in marketing).

Conflict management in the organisation

  • Preparing and implementing procedures and programmes to prevent conflict, discrimination or bullying and to deal with the emergence of such phenomena;
  • Helping to manage conflict in the organisation (training for managers; anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing procedures);
  • Supporting the work of internal committees set up by employers to investigate reported violations.

Dispute resolution

  • Helping to resolve disputes with employees – from assessing an employee’s claims to preparing a case for trial and securing am advantageous court judgment.

Posting of employees and migration advice

  • Supporting all legal aspects related to the posting and global mobility of employees and businesses;
  • Planning immigration processes;
  • Helping to legalise the stay or employment of foreigners (visas, residence/work/residence permits);
  • Handling administrative matters in connection with the posting/migration of employees (obtaining PESEL, NIP, registration obligation, etc.);
  • Developing a global corporate mobility policy and TAX equalisation;
  • Auditing your company’s immigration practices;
  • Coordinating social security schemes (including ZUS A1).

HR and payroll services

  • Helping to calculate salaries for employees with employment contracts and those with civil law contracts;
  • Managing employee documentation;
  • Liaising with the tax offices and ZUS on your behalf.