Public tenders

We advise contracting authorities, commissioning parties and contractors. We support both sides of procurement procedures at every stage of the process, including during implementation.

We prepare you for procurement proceedings and support you throughout such proceedings. We facilitate relations between the private and public sectors in terms of identifying, detecting, preventing and reporting conflicts of interest. We also help you to use appropriate technical dialogue.

How can we help?

For contractors

  • Verifying the procedure documentation: Terms of Reference, description of subject matter, model contract and announcement, to assess possible grounds for challenging them;
  • Advising on selecting the best entity for participation in the procedure, including relations with consortium members, subcontractors and other contractors;
  • Helping to prepare requests to clarify procedural documentation;
  • Helping to prepare participation requests or tenders with supporting documentation;
  • Preparing draft responses to requests from the contracting authority to submit or supplement documents, to clarify the bid and to clarify the bid price;
  • Supporting negotiations with the contracting authority, where relevant;
  • Representing clients before the National Board of Appeal and the common courts;
  • Supporting the drafting and amendment of public procurement contracts;
  • Supporting the execution of public procurement contracts, including conducting correspondence with the contracting authority, pursuit of claims and ongoing contractual advice.