State aid and EU funds

We advise on all legal issues related to obtaining subsidies (both national and EU) or taking advantage of tax reliefs or exemptions (SEZ/Act on supporting new investments, R&D relief).

We provide support from the first moment of obtaining state aid and EU funds. We then assist in settling and reporting such aid, and in structuring and transforming entities that benefit from state aid and EU structural funds. We represent clients before national authorities and the European Commission. We also provide training to the employees of organisations which seek to obtain grants or relief.

Our team includes not only lawyers, but also an IT engineer who provides business analysis of R&D relief. We understand the IT Gamedev business and have extensive experience in implementing instruments in this industry.

How can we help?

State aid – EU law

  • Supporting company transformations: assistance in preserving subsidies in the light of project sustainability regulations, by structuring the transaction appropriately and applying for relevant approvals if required;
  • Supporting the monitoring of funds: preparing arguments for the managing/intermediary institution and representing clients before them;
  • Advising Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) on maintaining SME status following organisational changes;
  • Assessing the compatibility of benefits received from public authorities (central and local government) with EU law;
  • Assessing the need to notify the aid received to the European Commission (EC);
  • Preparing notifications of aid to the EC and representing clients before the EC;
  • Preparing complaints regarding unauthorised public aid received by a competitor and representing complainants before the EC;
  • Verifying the existence of public aid in relations with state authorities or local governments (Private Investor/Creditor Tests).