Michał Bagłaj

Michał Bagłaj


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Attorney at law (Adwokat)

Public contracts / tenders

Michał, attorney at law (advocate), specialises in advising on the national and European public procurement law, particularly in the IT and energy sector. He also supports clients in disputes concerning performance of public procurement contracts, as well as in proceedings to impose financial corrections. Furthermore, he has experience in advising in procedures related to public-private partnerships and concessions for construction works and services.

Recently, he has been involved in the end-to-end execution of several implementation projects in the IT sector, including some involving the use of the Agile methodologies. Moreover, he was the co-author of standard documents published by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, i.e. good practices for the application of the Agile methodologies in IT projects, analyses concerning the applicability and approach to the use of the Agile methodology in IT projects executed with the Public Procurement Law framework and sample clauses concerning implementation contracts in the IT sector.

He also has extensive experience in representing clients in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber (NAC) and in the course of audits carried out by the President of the Public Procurement Office.

Prior to joining the SSW team, he worked for several law firms, including Maruta Wachta, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka and WKB Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr.