We provide transactional advisory services. We support investment processes, financial modelling and analysis. Our collaboration with SSW Pragmatic Solutions enables us to provide solutions beyond basic financial advice.

We support entrepreneurs in transactional processes, investment monitoring, preparing for IPOs and improving financial supervision. We prepare, analyse and provide opinions on company valuations. We advise on restructurings and assist in disputes.

SSW Finance specialises in providing financial advice to companies, investment funds and individuals with substantial assets. We provide legal assistance with a wide range of financial and transactional services. 

How can we help?

Advising on application of IFRS

  • Preparing historical and interim financial data section of the prospectus, as well as a description of the company’s operations and competitive advantages in accordance with applicable regulations and market practice; 
  • Verifying pro forma financial data, forecasts and financial results included in the prospectus; 
  • Liaising with legal counsel and the brokerage house during the IPO process, cooperating with the issuer’s auditor and other involved parties;

Advising on IFRS and improving communication with auditors

Helping to prepare the financial part of the SPA and other documents

Company valuation 

  • DCF; 
  • Comparative method; 
  • Book value/adjusted book value; 
  • Replacement value; 

Preparing financial models 

  • Budgets; 
  • Cash flow aggregation; 
  • NPV calculations; 
  • Predictive models. 

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