Accounting is an indispensable element of every company’s operations. Modern technologies enable accounting services to be provided from places other than the client’s location

We provide comprehensive and professional accounting, HR and tax services. We use cutting-edge processes and apply the newest technological solutions. 

Our tailor-made offers always take account of your particular business needs. Our technology guarantees the confidentiality of data and the safe circulation of information. 

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Banking transactions 

  • Opening, maintaining and closing company bank accounts; 
  • Updating bank details following a change of name, address, company representation; 
  • Opening bank deposits; 
  • Reporting on bank balances, preparing account history and bank statements; 
  • Record-keeping for bank documentation; 
  • Preparing payments in banking systems; 
  • Signing and executing payments from bank accounts pursuant to a power of attorney, if requestesd.