PropTech Desk

The property market’s technological transformation has just begun, but it will continue at an express rate. Today’s buildings are more than merely layers of brick, metal, glass and stone. They entail smart appliances and the software that controls them.

Companies operating in this market must focus on new operational areas. Being aware of the value of modern technology and professionally handling its potential significantly increases the chances of fully exploiting these new opportunities. Legal issues are extremely important in contracts with suppliers of intelligent building components, including the standard for software development, liability rules for security incidents, testing and acceptance procedures, debugging procedures, intellectual property issues, software documentation, software maintenance, development and integration options, etc.

How can we help?

  • Helping to secure a building’s IT against cyber attacks, by conducting security audits or simulated attacks and recommending necessary changes;
  • Supporting the buyer when purchasing IT systems, including by: preparing a market request for proposal (RFP), assessing submitted bids, negotiating and signing contracts with selected suppliers.