Janusz Mazurek

Janusz Mazurek



Attorney at law (Radca prawny)

Main practice


Selected projects

Advising shareholders of leading aluminium profile’s manufacturer in a dispute regarding the loss of the ability to execute the voting right due to the non-fulfilled obligations related to the acquisition of significant blocks of shares and acting in the terms of the arrangement.

Representing former members of the management board in a matter of annulment.

Representing client during a dispute with a bank, in connection with loss suffered by the client following the conclusion of an FX option transaction.

Representing the claimant in litigation concerning the alleged invalidity of real property sale agreements concluded in violation of pre-emption rights.

Representing client pro-bono in a case for damages and pension from the insurer in the amount of approx. PLN 3 milion for the mother and her two daughters due to deterioration of their financial situation as a result of the death of their closest relatives (husband / father and father-in-law / grandfather); the case was won by the firm in the courts of both instances in 2010 and 2011 and the insurance company resigned from the submission of a cassation appeal and paid the compensation awarded and disbursed the pension.

Representing a manufacturer of construction products in litigation concerning the protection of an invention patent.