Rekompensomat 2023 – energy price-support calculator

Rekompensomat is an easy-to-use, automated tool to assess whether a company is eligible to receive government subsidies for energy-intensive businesses due to increased energy and gas prices.

Rekompensomat was created thanks to our extensive experience in obtaining state aid. We have already drawn-up aid applications valued at over PLN 360 mln, on behalf of energy-intensive companies.

Financial support is available to companies which fulfil a number of specified conditions. Does your company qualify? Rekompensomat can quickly assess this. Simply provide the requested information. Rekompensomat is a simple form to fill-in with data about your company, including:

  • Primary business activity, as listed in the PKD (Polish Classification of Business Activities);
  • Total net cost of electricity and natural gas purchases for your own use throughout 2021;
  • Total value of production sold in 2022;
  • Average cost of electricity and natural gas in 2021 and the first half of 2023.
  • With this information, Rekompensomat can quickly determine if your company is eligible to receive subsidies to help with energy and gas price increases.*

Take advantage of our Rekompensomat – fill-in the form!*

*Rekompensomat uses the current wording of the regulations which govern support programs. Those regulations are still awaiting final adoption by the Council of Ministers.

How can we help?

  • Assessing the possibility of obtaining the highest support;
  • Assessing the possibility of using several instruments together;
  • Advising on submitting the application to settle support;

Flexibility – if a more attractive support instrument is created, it is possible to change the chosen support option at any point before submitting an application.