Łukasz Grenda

Łukasz Grenda



Attorney at law (Radca prawny), Restructuring advisor

Selected projects

Conducting bankruptcy proceedings of the leading Polish producer of eggs (acting as the official receiver) during the bankruptcy proceedings and sale of the enterprise. The value of the resources obtained during the proceedings exceeded PLN 100,000,000.00.

Participating in recovery proceedings conducted by the leading Polish meat manufacturer. The proceedings ended with a creditors’ arrangement.

Acting as the official receiver of a Polish company engaged in highway construction. Settling construction projects, withdrawing from mutual agreements, conducting winding-up and restructuring proceedings taking into account the structure of the capital group, conducting disputes with public institutions – ordering parties in the area of highway construction. The total value of liabilities and claims exceeded PLN 1 billion.

Representing an investor during a PRE-PACK acquisition of a wind farm. The transaction was approved by the Bankruptcy Court and became the first transaction of its type concerning a wind farm in Poland.

Restructuring, acting as the Debtor’s administrator, in sanative proceedings, of enterprises involved in the retail trade of sportswear and jewellery. Withdrawing from lease agreements and closing non-profitable premises in shopping malls, ensuring new financing for the enterprises and restoring profitability; negotiating and concluding arrangements with creditors.

Acting as the Financing Bank’s administrator and restructuring an enterprise engaged in the lease of A+ office premises. Regulating and normalising the difficult position of an enterprise facing grave financial liquidity problems, obtaining new financing, negotiating and agreeing a creditors’ arrangement exceeding PLN 100,000,000.00.

Acting as a proxy of the creditors in the largest Polish restructuring proceedings. The total value of receivables of the represented creditors amounted to approx. PLN 120,000,000.00.

Restructuring a wind farm, acting as the Debtor’s administrator, during the sanative proceedings. Negotiating the terms of income arrangement with banks and public financing institutions.

Acting as an arbitrator in the Court of the Polish Automobile Association (for two terms of office). Participating, among others, in the resolution of appeals concerning the Speedway Extraleague Committee.