Business and employment immigration

We support anyone wishing to start business in Poland, including advising on immigration law and the legalisation of employment in Poland.

We advise on the various legal solutions available and on which solution will be most effective for your business needs. We operate as a one-stop-shop, capable of handling all formalities on your behalf and enabling you to limit your involvement to the minimum. We advise on a wide range of legal, tax and business issues and ensure that you remain up-to-date on the frequent changes to Polish law. We have offices in three of Poland’s major cities and business hubs.

How can we help?

Relocation of business and employees to Poland

  • Process planning for business relocation to Poland, including identifying available and effective forms of doing business in Poland;
  • Establishing and registering a company, branch or representative office of a foreign entrepreneur in Poland;
  • Relocation process planning for employees and their family members.

Legalisation of stay and employment of foreigners in Poland

  • Helping with visa matters;
  • Work permits;
  • Registering declarations of the entity delegating the performance of work;
  • Notifying the employment of Ukrainian nationals;
  • Residence and work permits;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • Informing local authorities about the inability to meet staffing needs via the local labour market;
  • Long-term resident’s EU residence permit;
  • Permanent residence permits;
  • Auditing the legality of residence and employment of foreigners;
  • Training company managers responsible for recruiting and employing foreigners.