Joanna Tomaszewska, Ph.D.

Joanna Tomaszewska, Ph.D.


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Data privacy, IP, TMT

Joanna Tomaszewska, Ph.D., attorney at law, specialises in personal data protection, new technologies and e-communications, media and advertising laws and intellectual property law, especially copyright. She advises numerous Polish and international capital groups from a wide variety of industries.

She is a valued and dedicated specialist with more than 10 years’ experience helping clients in relation to privacy and personal data protection, including consulting on Pan-European data processing. She analyses clients’ business operations and IT solutions to ensure they comply with data protection law and ensure the greatest efficiency of e-communications and the protection of IP rights. She has advised numerous clients on administrative proceedings before the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection (now known as the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, DPA), including during inspections and audits. She organises personal data protection compliance programmes (inc. compliance with the GDPR and sector-specific regulations). She prepares and reviews internal corporate documentation on personal data processing, including privacy policies, internal procedures and documenting GDPR-related obligations concerning risk assessment and accountability. She advises on data flows within capital groups, including data transfers, data sharing and transfers to third countries. She advises on the interaction between personal data protection laws and specific sectoral provisions, such as labour law, data protection in marketing, consumer issues, public procurement, AML, professional secrets, health protection etc. She monitors the DPA and European Data Protection Board and analyses their approaches to various personal data issues. She conducts dedicated trainings for entrepreneurs on personal data protection. She lectures at conferences on personal data protection and has published widely on this issue in various specialised publications in Poland and abroad.

Joanna also coordinates the extensive Pro Bono programme operated by SSW Pragmatic Solutions.



Selected projects

Providing legal advice on the processing of personal data in employment scenarios, including the processing of so-called sensitive data, the development of internal regulations concerning inter alia the use of computer equipment, social media and Internet in the company, advising on supervision mechanisms (email, CCTV, GPS) and implementing systems for reporting internal irregularities in insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Comprehensive legal supervision of sales promotions, including loyalty and incentive programs, by verifying the compliance of advertising materials with applicable law; advising on the use of image in advertising campaigns; preparing copyright assignments, license agreements, sponsorship and other marketing arrangements for one of Poland’s biggest clothing companies.

Providing comprehensive legal advice on compliance with personal data protection law, including the registration of personal data storage systems, designation of the officer responsible for data protection, development and implementation of documentation concerning data security, data processing agreements, advising on the flow of personal data outside the European Economic Area, communicating with the Polish authorities responsible for the protection of personal data on behalf of medical, financial, real estate and gardening companies.

Undertaking due diligence processes as part of mergers and acquisitions to assess the risks associated with intellectual property, issues related to new technologies and proprietary information for one of Poland’s major shopping centers.

Advising on the legal aspects of online business, including advice on electronic services, unfair competition and consumer rights for online stores.