Financial institutions and insurance

Insurance is one of the pillars of the financial market. The contemporary business environment presents new challenges for entrepreneurs in the areas of the optimization of financial results and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Recent events in the Polish and international financial markets and in the world force us to reformulate and re-build elements that strengthen the reputation of entities that conduct business activities. They also give new business opportunities in the areas of ​​business efficiency, and product modification and the way it is offered.

Safe regulatory environment

New business models

Modification of insurance products

The need to focus the market on new technologies means that the insurance and financial market is becoming increasingly connected with the fintech world, so the near future we will see a synergy in finance, insurance and fintech.

Brokerage and offering

Payment Institutions


International regulations have a huge impact on business activity, which does not only assume a synergy of various market segments, but is associated with international (cross border) regulatory requirements.

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Selected experiences

Reduction of potential losses and impact on the perception of the company on the market by providing opinions and recommending the Anti-Fraud and Sales Quality model by participating in the implementation of these functions in the organization.

Setting, together with business units,
standards for insurance products
due to the value for the company and the client, by carrying out systematic reviews of insurance products, in particular those with an investment component.

Cooperation in the development of insurance
product portfolio modification strategies
by analyzing the company’s product portfolio, regulatory approaches in Poland and Europe, and customer behavior.

Support for the development of digitization by creating draft legislative provisions and recommending optimal solutions for business, taking into account the current legal status and practice of the regulator

Ensuring compliance with laws,
standards and guidelines governing
the operation of companies. Recommendation of the KNF methodology (including Fit&Proper)

Compliance risk management by identifying, measuring and monitoring risks; preparing monitoring reports and determining the necessary post-control activities with business units, followed by controlling and confirming their effective implementation.

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