Keiichiro Asano, Senior Consultant, specialises in advising on corporate strategy in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Poland. He has extensive knowledge of Corporate Management, Sales Marketing and Industrial Management.

After growing up in Germany, Singapore, and Japan, he graduated from Keio University. He gained experience in global business trading at Hanwa Co., one of the largest Japanese trading companies. In 2016, he became the youngest management board member at Sohbi Craft Poland Sp.z o.o., a metal stamping company and part of Japanese SOHBI Group. During that time, he leveraged his professional knowledge to achieve successful corporate revitalisation of the branch.

Together with Masato Hayashi, he created Copernicus Trading Sp.z.o.o., a start-up company dedicated to the European industrial market. He is developing a supplier management platform in Poland.

His professional experience, skills and network are vital assets to the SSW Japan Desk team.