Aleksandra Czubek speaker at 2022 World Technology Law Conference in San Francisco

2022 World Technology Law Conference is a forum to connect with technology lawyers and learn from experts and thought leaders in field of IT Technology and Law. The conference with huge networking potential for IT lawyers takes place annually in San Francisco. 

Conference is organized by ITechLaw which is the leading global organization for legal professionals focused on technology and law. 

Aleksandra Czubek is going to take part in „Session 1: AI Ethics: Strategies to Address Algorithmic Bias” next to Radding Rory and Robert Kang. Aleksandra is going to share her thoughts on how to address #algorithmicbias from the legal perspective. 

Aleksandra will represent SSW Pragmatic Solutions together with Katarzyna Szczudlik, FIP, LL.M..  

The event starts tomorrow and it also celebrates the ITechLaw Association‘s 50th anniversary. 

Link to the conference: 2022 World Technology Law Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration | ITechLaw 


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