The second edition of the Success University is underway

The Success University project has just started. It is an educational professional program aimed at young girls who are entering the labour market and looking for their professional path and passion. The programme focuses mainly on people who grew up in orphanages, foster families, community care institutions or are in a difficult financial or personal situation. Its aim is to equip them with digital competences and communication skills that will facilitate their start in adult life.

Our lawyers – Katarzyna Solarz, Marta Szymczyk, Paweł Wyrębek, Maciej Rutecki, Katarzyna Rzewuska, Paulina Perkowska and Mikołaj Ostoja-Ciemny – give lectures on possibilities and possible obstacles for people taking their first steps on the labour market. They talk about available forms of cooperation, the basis for setting up and running a business, copyright law and unfair competition.

– We share our knowledge and experience, help to build competence, present the legal context of the latest technological trends. My positive experience from the first edition of the Success University allowed me to encourage more experts from our company to cooperate. I believe that our contribution will help to build legal awareness among the participants of the programme, and this will ensure an easier start in their professional lives. Katarzyna Solarz, SSW Pragmatic Solutions partner

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