Masato provides comprehensive assistance to businesses in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Poland. Half-Polish and half-Japanese, he speaks both languages at a professional level. He also has specialist knowledge of manufacturing engineering, local tax regulations, and HR issues including work permission procedure for delegates.

After graduating from Hosei University, he joined Sohbi Kohgei Japan, an international metal stamping company and part of Japanese SOHBI Group, where he started his career as a mould engineer. In 2013, he moved to Sohbi Craft Poland Sp.z.o.o., where in 2018 he became a management board assistant and gained practical knowledge about corporate management and growth.

Together with Keiichiro Asano, he created Copernicus Trading, a start-up company dedicated to the European industrial market.

His professional experience, skills and network are vital assets to the SSW Japan Desk team.

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