Katarzyna Solarz-Włodarska

Katarzyna Solarz-Włodarska



Attorney at law (Radca prawny)

Selected projects

She advised the sellers (private entrepreneurs) during the sale of Mlekoma sp. z o.o. to SADAFCO, the leading manufacturer of UHT milk products in Saudi Arabia

She advised the seller (private entrepreneur) during the sale of Agros Trading Confectionery S.A. and of ZPC Unitop Optima S.A. to Coast2Coast, private equity fund owned by Bounty Brands

She advised Dirlango Trading & Investments Limited  (controlled by Łukasz Wejchert and Maciej Żak), partner of Virgin Mobile Polska – the largest Polish mobile virtual network operator – during negotiations of the new Virgin Mobile Polska partnership agreement which provided the grounds for the future exit from the company to Play Communications – the largest mobile phone operator in Poland

She advised  Dirlango Trading & Investments Limited company (controlled by Łukasz Wejchert and Maciej Żak) in the establishmment of a joint-venture with Innova Capital, a private equity fund, which invested in Netsprint S.A. and LeadR Sp. z o.o. (companies from Dirlango’s portfolio owned by Łukasz Wejchert and Maciej Żak)

She advised in the project including an audit of the current and intended structure of a private equity fund investing in mid-sized enterprises from CEE, which invested over EUR 600 MM in more than 40 investments in 10 countries targeted at the adaptation of requirements imposed by the AIFM Directive

She participated in the establishment of closed end investment funds for clients controlling financial assets (worth PLN 200 MM), negotiated the cooperation agreement between TFI and a client, and also in the development of an agreement for closed end investment fund members, which governed mutual settlements in association with assets contributed to the closed end investment fund; she also provides legal assistance in the closed end investment fund’s everyday operation matters from the point of view of its members

She advised Dirlango Trading & Investments Limited – majority shareholder of iTaxi.pl sp. z o.o. which applied for PLN 8 MM in total (equity funds) from Experior Venture Fund, established in cooperation with the National Capital Fund

She took part in the project of application for funding in the form of shares carried out by Dirlango Trading & Investments Limited  (controlled by Łukasz Wejchert and Maciej Żak), including the preparation of documents which introduce new corporate governance regulations for the fund, taking into account the equity participation of the new financial investors

She advised the Client in the investment process. The purpose was to acquire 100% of shares in two companies from the waste management sector, which included legal and tax-related due diligence analysis of those companies, as well as preparation and negotiations of transaction documentation

She participated in obtaining acquisition funds for a company which intended to purchase a wind farm managing company ; she negotiated the respective loan documentation with an insurance package

She advised in a project which required a comprehensive legal assistance for establishment of a joint venture in the form of limited partnership on the bookselling market and preparation of a package of documents, including i.a. partnership agreement and corporate governance for the limited partnership

She participated in a project involving legal assistance in matters of joint venture in the gastronomy sector