Private investors and clients

SSW’s team of tax advisors and lawyers offers comprehensive advice to fully protect the interests of wealthy individuals, families and investors. We appreciate that our clients place enormous value on protecting their family’s wellbeing and safeguarding their assets, so we act as the guardians of their security. We help to guide you through the labyrinth of complex and ever-changing laws, to ensure stable development of your assets, companies and investments.

We custom-design our services to take account of, among others, your family and personal situation, existing business investments and personal goals. We offer long-term cooperation and regular contact based on absolute trust and discretion. We cooperate with advisors in foreign jurisdictions whenever this is necessary to fully protect your interests and meet your expectations.


How can we help?

Our support is tailor-made to be most suitable for your business activities and personal goals. Among others, we can assist you with:

  • everyday legal and tax advice;
  • tax optimisation of your commercial activities, shares/stocks, taxation of real property and other fixed assets, interests, derivative and financial instruments;
  • property and business succession planning, including regular updates of your succession plans;
  • business restructuring projects which are often connected with tax optimisation and succession planning;
  • managing acquisition or disposal transactions involving companies (supported by our M&A department);
  • any legal or tax advice required in connection with property management;
  • Family Office services;
  • representation during litigation or other disputes.

Our offers are all flexible and designed to meet your specific needs.


Developing a plan to divide the assets of a deceased entrepreneur (valued at over PLN 2 billion) between his heirs, including planning and reorganising of the assets inherited by certain heirs;

Developing a plan to divide the assets of a deceased entrepreneur between his heirs, including various classes of assets valued in excess of PLN 550 million, including planning and reorganising the assets inherited by certain heirs;

Developing a tax-optimal solution for a revocable trust located on the Isle of Man and transferring assets to the beneficiaries;

Developing and implementing a plan to restructure the personal property of an entrepreneur, to ensure the desired succession following his death, using a family trust fund;

Planning and implementing a succession plan for an entrepreneur who owns real properties in Poland and shares in entities operating in Poland, Cyprus, Canada and Germany;

Developing a plan to transfer assets owned by Polish entrepreneurs to family trust funds in Liechtenstein, Austria and the Bahamas in order to ensure the desired post-death succession and to ensure anonymity regarding their business activities in Poland.