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Our primary aim is to provide peace of mind and comfort to our clients, by offering them comprehensive services and helping to manage their assets. We help to administer the various elements of clients’ property, including financial assets, real estate assets and companies or business operating in various jurisdictions. By entrusting us with their property management, our clients are free to focus on their other important interests.

We provide a full range of services, starting from simple administration to providing strategic advice and transaction handling. Our individual and collective actions ensure that our clients have total peace of mind.


How can we help?

Reporting - periodical reports on the status of assets

  • Have you ever forgotten about a bank deposit created a long time ago?
  • Do you always calculate the amount of expenses incurred for specific investments and their return rates?
  • Are you sure which inflows and outflows will be generated by your assets in the coming year?

SSW Family Office maintains a detailed assets’ register and monitors any asset-related developments. We compile reports that are tailored to each client’s requirements, including:

  • a comprehensive assets’ list and asset-related developments;
  • a list of investment expenses for specific projects and calculations of return rates;
  • a calculation of the market value of assets portfolios;
  • forecasts of cash flows within an assets portfolio.

The precise form, content and frequency of our reports is adjusted to best suit each client’s needs. Such reports constitute a valuable source of information on a range of important factors (inc. liquidity or territorial concentration) and facilitate the adoption of new investment decisions.

Cash management - handling bank and financial transactions

  • Are you annoyed by the need to gather banking documents and the time-consuming procedures for creating new bank or investment accounts?
  • Have you ever forgotten about an important bank transfer?
  • Do you think that completing the data for bank transfers is a waste of time?
Cash management - handling bank and financial transactions

As part of SSW’s Family Office bank transaction handling service, we can:

  • open, maintain or close your personal or corporate bank accounts;
  • update data provided to the bank in the event of a change to your company’s name, address or method of representation;
  • open bank deposit accounts;
  • report on the balance of the bank account, generate account history files and bank statements;
  • prepare payments in banking systems;
  • at your request, we can also sign and authorise payments from your bank account on the basis of a power of attorney granted by you;
  • communicate with the bank on your behalf;
  • submit and store bank records.

We know that liaising with banks requires time and energy, and that it can often be irritating. By taking advantage of our banking management services you can be free to concentrate on other interests while we deal with all of the formalities connected with opening accounts, negotiating advantageous deposit terms and making payments via e-banking systems.

At your request, we can also help to open and manage investment accounts, conclude agreements for asset management, or acquire participation units or investment certificates in open and closed investment funds.

Documents and data management - full property documentation in one place

  • Have you ever lost or destroyed an important document?
  • Has your confidential corporate information ever been disclosed to an unauthorised person?

At SSW Family Office, we securely store all of your property documentation and ensure its:

  • completeness;
  • proper categorisation and archiving;
  • protection against destruction and unauthorised access.

Each document is stored in both paper and electronic formats. The electronic format is secured by backup. To enable easy access to the documentation, we maintain valid digital archives on an electronic data carrier.

Documents and data management - full property documentation in one place

Watch-dog - assistance in supervising and managing your investments

  • Are you fully aware of the financial situation of the companies you have invested in?
  • Do you receive important information from the Management Boards of those companies?
  • Do you feel comfortable as a minority shareholder?

The experienced specialists at SSW Family Office and SSW Pragmatic Solutions can assist you by joining the supervisory boards of the entities in which you own shares, to safeguard your business and financial affairs by ensuring proper ownership supervision.

Our financial specialists can also regularly monitor the operating and financial position of corporate subsidiaries. Using information acquired from the Management Board and key employees, we prepare analyses of financial statements, management reports and key financial and operating indicators.

At your request, we can audit selected areas of a company’s operations or specific transactions.

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