EU Desk

Comprehensive support package for businesses entering the EU market, provided by leading law firms with which we cooperate.

We offer practical knowledge and direct support which allows you to start operations in the EU while keeping costs under control. Our EU desk comprises experts who will safely guide you through the process of entering a new market. We support you at each stage of launching, developing and commencing business operations in the EU.

Why EU

  • World’s second largest economy, accounting for over 16,6% of the world’s GDP (nominal terms) – Canada’s third biggest trading partner after the US and China;
  • Current trade with the EU accounts for 10% of Canada’s external trade reaching almost EUR 53,3 billion a year;
  • 440 million consumers, with high purchasing power;
  • Stable, largely harmonized legislation with reliable IP protection;
  • Stable financial system;
  • System of favourable investment incentives with harmonised investment aid limits of 15% to 50% of capex, depending on local GDP figures, heavily focused on innovation, with additional R&D support.

Why Poland as gateway to the EU?

  • 6th largest economy in the EU, with central location in Europe, with good road and rail connections, modern seaport facilities, ideal as a supply hub;
  • Large, well-educated labour pool with EU’s strongest foreign language skills at competitive pricing;
  • Freedom of movement and services enables businesses to choose the most cost-effective location within the EU – Poland offers competitive pricing of real estate and infrastructure;
  • The Polish Economic Institute (Polski Instytut Ekonomiczny) ranks Poland as 3rd in EU and 14th globally for the FDI value (2021);
  • According to Polish Investment & Trade Agency (Polska Agencja Inwestycji I Handlu) Poland ranks 1st in the CEE region and 5th in Europe in terms of number of manufacturing projects (2023);
  • Proven location for Canadian businesses such as Bombardier, Circle K, RathDowney, Pratt&Whitney, Apotex and many others;
  • 40 million-strong local consumer base;
  • Favourable business taxation with 19% corporate income tax rate;
  • Relatively higher investment support compared to other locations in Europe, offering a mix of grants and tax reliefs;
  • Strong innovation and R&D support ecosystem, comprising EU-funded and governmental grants, tax reliefs and government-backed VC industry, focused particularly on “import” of innovation and fostering R&D works carried out locally based on foreign IP.

How can we help?

Knowledge base

  • Available forms of incorporation in EU;
  • Description of EU taxation system;
  • Fundamentals of labour law;
  • Principles for the application of facilitations introduced under CETA.