How does the everyday life of entrepreneurs look? Apart from business issues, they have to deal with numerous information-related obligations and deal with various legal documents (agreements and other). The larger their business is, the more obligations and documents they have.

Perhaps we could make these processes automated? Smart IT solutions can support entrepreneurs in handling their information requirements and managing documents.

We are witnessing the twilight of the traditional model of legal advice based on the direct circulation of paperwork by lawyers.. As with other sectors of economy, there is a shift towards the digitalisation of services – available at any time, on demand, for the required purpose. From now on, legal operations may not have to be conducted manually by lawyers, but instead be largely performed by IT systems, designed by the specialists in a relevant area of law.

Digitalisation may be particularly useful in two areas:

analysis and management of contractual documentation


automation of regulatory obligations

(e.g. submission of reports)

Almost every day, every company is obliged to submit a lot of information to state authorities or to manage various amounts of agreements (analyses, negotiations, annexes, dissolutions etc.). Developments in technology – mainly concerning algorithms – have allowed for the transition from manual performance of such agreements ( company’s staff and external lawyers) to the use of IT tools. As a result entrepreneurs can reap huge benefits:
Three boxes

  • costs reduction
  • reducing the risk of human error
  • significant time saving

SSW, in cooperation with leading IT developers, have undertaken to develop and deliver LegalTech and RegTech solutions

The managing the process of submitting information required by the regulator, including the development of the information by the use of interactive forms (e.g. in the area of AML reporting)

The identification of significant legal and business risks in contracts and the management of extensive collections of agreements

Ourbusiness partners from the IT sector ensure that our high quality reliable solutions for your business needs. As lawyers, we guarantee that our solutions comply with the current legal requirements and the best market practices.

By combining legal and technological competences, we provide entrepreneurs with a complete solution – the remedy for their everyday problems concerning reports and contracts.

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