Marta Pasztaleniec a speaker at the online conference “E-gmina – development of digital public services”

The event “E-gmina – development of digital public services” takes place online on 31 May 2022. The following topics are going to be discussed during the conference: cyber security, key areas of cooperation between local governments and government related to the processes of state informatisation, SMART CITY implementation, solutions supporting IT security of institutions, biometrics in public administration, mobile in public administration. The event is directed to representatives of public administration, responsible for ICT, planning and purchasing of infrastructure, IT, data and information security, tenders, etc. 

Marta takes part in the panel “Cyber security in contracts with IT service providers”, which includes a discussion of the key contractual provisions from the point of view of public entities obliged to apply the Act on the National Cyber Security System, in particular with regard to the adequate level of service provision, liability and contract termination mechanisms. The consequences and risks resulting from the lack of adequate contractual regulations are also on the agenda. 

Marta Pasztaleniec, attorney at law at SSW, specialises in advising on new technologies law, intellectual property law and personal data protection. 

We invite you to participate! 

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