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SSW Pragmatic Solutions combines knowledge, experience and professionalism.

We pay particular attention to development of our employees. If you join our team, from the very beginning you will be a part of substantive works on the solutions we develop for our customers. You will be able to participate in increasingly complex projects, so that you learn as much as you can.
Obviously, work is not the only thing in the world – we often spend time together after work, participate in integration trips, occasional and sports events. Our company teams participate in marathons and runs, achieving a lot of success.

Our offices are located in prestigious office buildings in the centre of Warsaw and Poznań.

<p>Our offices are located in prestigious office buildings in the centre of Warsaw and Poznań.</p>

Below, you can find the opinions of our Associates who started workinf for SSW Pragmatic Solutions as Legal Interns

How do you assess the work for SSW Pragmatic Solutions?

Dawid Trela – Working for SSW requires a lot of engagement and, therefore, motivates to develop your own skills. The office employs experienced and qualified persons whose presence is motivating and allows continuous improvement of your qualifications.

What would be your advice for young lawyers who are beginning their work for a law firm for the first time? What should be important to them?

Helena Czechowska – In my opinion, it is very useful to begin your internship as early as possible, gain practical knowledge already during your studies and find the specialisation that suits you best. Reliability is the foundation of our profession, so you should also remember to check your documents very carefully. It is also a good idea to determine a deadline for your work and if you feel that you may need more time, try to postpone it as early as possible and not at the last moment. Do not be afraid of asking your senior colleagues for advice!

You began working for SSW at the 4th year of your studies. How did you combine working and learning, do you think that beginning to work when you are so young is beneficial?

Dawid Brudzisz – Working for SSW full-time certainly requires discipline connected with planning the schedule of your classes at the university from the student. However, young employees receive full support from the partners supervising specific internships and you can determine your individual work time together a specific partner.
The benefit of working for SSW at early stages of your career is that, regardless of your professional experience, the employees participate in entire projects – from the moment of winning a customer to successful closure of the project. Therefore, already during the internship, they can experience the work of a lawyer at any position.

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